Today we odered live caterpillars .We made there home.My caterpillars name is Climber.She eats and climbs. I  know it will  turn in to a butterfly.It eats mallow,thistle,clovers and alfa.Caterpillars eat there shells.My caterpillar is tiny . Now it is eating more food.My caterpillar will change in to a painted lady. It rests a lot. Butt my caterpillar climbs to.It moves a lot.

The Butterfly life cycle

Where learning about butterflies. Butterflies lay eggs an a leaf. The catapillars hach and eat there shell. They eat a lot food. Then they make a chrysalis. They come out in 7 weeks. After that  they change in to a butter fly. The butterfly can live for 3 weeks.There are a lot of butterflies.


I’m learning about rocks . There textures are sparkle,shiny and smooth. This is there colors are brown,black,gray and red. They have diffrent shapes.I found them in the park.I found lots of rocks.I also found a sedementry rock. I found a big rock and small ones. There are so interesting. A lot of things are made of minireles.