How I am helping the Earth

I am helping the Earth by  taking care of animals , recycling if you do it the Earth will be happy . Do not wast energy you can do that  by pot the lights of.Take care of animals because  you can play with the pets.Animals are dying so take care of them.Do not liter because animals will be dede .

Happy Hallow-Scream!

At  halloween  I  trick -or -treated  with  my  friend  and  my  brother and his friend.No wan scared  as  but  there ware  lots of candy. We go to the house that  are good. I was dressed as a Cheer Lieder. The best part was when we went trick -or – treating.We played outside and in side. We had a happy Halloween. We go to school and we had a party on the end we did not no wath to do with the candy.But I met a new friend when we trick-or-treated . There was a mummy contest and I won. It is the best Halloween.I love Halloween.It was so fun to trick-or-treat.We got lots of candy.